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At Solar Bay we like to keep our clients as informed as possible and below we have placed a variety of informative and relevant news articles below including regular updates from Eskom.

Latest News At Solar Bay 

August 2020

Our new Cape Town office will be in full operation from Monday 17 August 2020. Please note the change in our contact number for Cape Town.

Our staff finally got delivery of their new uniforms last week and we are proud to be able to have all our staff looking so awesome in their outfits.

Our work progress has gone extremely well after the disastrous near 90 day lockdown was ended. We have completed 12 sites and begun work on another 11 sites. All our team's have put in an extraordinary amount effort to ensure we are moving as quickly as possible.

As always we would like to thank all our client's who are more than willing to work with us as we ensure a safe working environment for everyone. 

Latest Developments at Solar Bay 

We have a number of new developments at our company including a new product launch that we believe is going to take the residential market by storm. 

Available EXCLUSIVELY through Solar Bay the KStar all-in-one system will be available for demo days during the last week of September 2020. These dates will be announced shortly.

Latest Energy News

August 2020

Eskom implements stage 2 loadshedding on Thursday morning

Australia aims to become renewable energy export super power

July 2020

Cape Town Residents Urged To Cut Electricity Usage As Loadshedding Looms

Eskom Appeals For Power Saving

Eskom Loses To Units

June 2020

Future of Power Generation in SA

Loadshedding Threat Announced

May 2020

No "major" load shedding expected in winter?